First World War in the News is an edited review of hand-picked World War I (1914-1918) articles - covering everything from the soldiers and generals to the trenches and militaria.

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Latest hand-picked First World War news.

Italy's last World War I veteran Delfino Borroni passes away aged 110   (Article no longer available from the original source)
Delfino Borroni, the last surviving Italian veteran of the First World War, has passed away in a rest home aged 110. Born August 23, 1898 in Turago Bordone, a small village in Italy, Borroni saw action on the Italian-Austrian front as a soldier in the light infantry Bersaglieri corps. His passing comes after the deaths of two other Italian World War One veterans, Francesco Domenico Chiarello and Lazarre Ponticelli.

The White War by Mark Thompson - The First World War Italian front
Poorly equipped Italian troops struggled through the snows of the southern Alps into the Austrian guns as if they were attempting mass suicide. "In gestures of mercy unique to this front" Austrian machine-gunners ceased fire, and adviced the Italians to go back. But in General Luigi Cadorna, Italy had a commander who was not moved by slaughter. He restored the Roman custom of randomly killing men from units "deemed to have shown a lack of pluck and dash". Like Stalin, he had machine guns behind his own lines to encourage the stragglers. Italy entered the First World War as it did the Second: It waited to see which side seemd to win and joined it to share the spoils.

Jason Petroelje builds First World War Macchi M.5 Italian fighter in home workshop
When Jason Petroelje first glanced the plans for the Italian WW1 fighter plane he wanted to reproduce, this is what he saw: "Idrovolante a scafo e galleggiantini laterali, biplano..." Petroelje is Frisian, not Italian. And although he spent a couple of years in post-WWII Italy serving with the American Army, he was not an expert at the language. But 10 years and 5,000 hours later his dream-come-true was launched from the shores of Muskegon County's Little Black Lake and took to the skies for a maiden flight. The Macchi M.5 Italian fighter is mostly authentic, but without machine guns.

Italian WWI veteran Francesco Domenico Chiarello dead at 109
One of the last veterans of the First World War, Italian Francesco Domenico Chiarello, has died aged 109. He died in the Calabria region of southern Italy where he was born on November 5, 1898. He joined the Italian army in 1918 as a member of the 19th infantry regiment from Cosenza. He was posted to the northern front at Trento where he took part in the final battle of Vittorio Veneto. The Italian military in 1968 named a medal after that battle - The medal was given to all those who fought for at least 6 months in WW1. Italy now has only one living veteran of the Great War, Delfino Borroni, 109.

Italian World War I veteran Justin Tuveri dead at 109
Justin Tuveri, who fought for Italy during WW1 and was one of the few remaining European veterans of the Great War, has died at 109. Tuveri remained active despite his age, driving until age 98. Although he became a French citizen in 1940, he did not figure on the French Defense Ministry's list of surviving vets from the 1914-1918 war because he had fought for Italy. Tuveri was a member of the Sassari Brigade, a Sardinian infantry unit nicknamed the "Dimonios" ("Demons"). The brigade fought Austro-Hungarian and German forces in the heights of Italy. Tuveri's military service was cut short when he was shot twice in the back after 4 months.