First World War in the News is an edited review of hand-picked World War I (1914-1918) articles - covering everything from the soldiers and generals to the trenches and militaria.

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World War II

Turkish Ottoman Empire

Latest hand-picked First World War news. See also: See also 'Battlefield Tours', 'Gallipoli', 'Espionage, Secret Agents', 'Last WWI Soldiers'.

Ottoman Army Effectiveness in World War I: A Comparative Study [book review]
"Ottoman Army Effectiveness" challenges the view that the Ottoman Army was an poorly led and organized force. Opening with a look at the Turkish response to the outcome of the Balkan Wars (1912-1913), Professor Edward J. Erickson points out that this set off a reform of the army's organization, training, and leadership. These wars also provided the Turks with a cadre of seasoned veterans at all levels, something lacking in the ranks of the Commonwealth forces. Despite getting credit for Ottoman success, German advisors arrived too late to influence the Turkish army before the empire entered the war.

Turkey's last First World War veteran Yakup Satar dies
Yakup Satar, one of the last two veterans of the Turkish War of Independence, has died. He battled on the Basra front in the Ottoman army during World War I, and defended Turkey from foreign invasion at the Great Battle of Sakarya. Satar is survived by almost 50 grandchildren. In his final years his home was frequent stop for Turkish leaders wishing to pay their respects to the war veteran. He also hosted student groups, sharing his view on how to maintain the nation's integrity. Military records show that the last living veteran of the War of Independence is Col. Mustafa ªekip Birgöl.

Turkey commemorates Ataturk`s victory at Gallipoli
92 years ago, Turkish troops led by the colonel Mustafa Kemal pushed an Allied force off the peak of Chunuk Bair, sealing the Ottoman victory in the Gallipoli Campaign. This battle made Mustafa Kemal a national hero, winning him the title of the Hero of Anafartalar, 4 years before he launched the War of Independence and became the founder father of Turkey. While many may have heard of the Ariburnu front, few remember the nearby Suvla front, where British troops landed in August, their offencive halted by Mustafa Kemal. One who has not forgotten is Ozay Gundogan, who opened his Buyuk Anafartalar Front Collection. The museum has received high praise.

Film of the Battle of Sarikamis, where Turkish soldiers froze to death
Özcan Deniz is preparing for the lead role in a film "Sarıkamış Beyaz Hüzün" (Sarıkamış the White Sorrow) that will depict the Battle of Sarıkamış where tens of thousands of Turkish soldiers froze to death during WW1. Deniz says the film is going to be the most ambitious movie made in the history of Turkish cinema. The Sarıkamış Campaign was one of the most tragic battles Turkey fought. The campaign, aimed at taking back land lost to Russians, was a total failure, mostly due to bad weather. There are disputes among historians on the number of soldiers who died: most sources put the death toll at 90,000, a few historians argue that the real toll was 35,000-40,000.

Turkey: week of activities to commemorate Gallipoli Campaign
Turkey is marking the 92 anniversary of the victory over a British-French fleet trying to fight its way through the Dardanelles to Istanbul during World War I with a week-long series of events. Among the activities taking place will be concerts, art exhibitions, history conferences and official ceremonies to commemorate those who fought and served in the campaign. PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan will open a new memorial to those Ottoman soldiers who have no known grave and a new museum, located in an artillery position on the shores of the Dardanelles, that played a major part in the Allied defeat on March 18, 1915.

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